Dutch Baby

(I usually drown mine in syrup)

I can't believe I haven't posted this recipe sooner; it's one of my favorites! I make this all the time, and it's the easiest recipe ever to adapt for any number of people.

All you have to remember is the ratio of ingredients: eggs, milk, flour, a little salt, butter.

Here's the ratio:

1 egg -- 1/4 c milk -- 1/4 c flour -- 1 dash salt -- 1 T butter.

2 eggs -- 1/2 c milk -- 1/2 c flour -- 2 dashes salt -- 2 T butter.

3 eggs -- 3/4 c milk -- 3/4 c flour -- 3 dashes salt -- 3 T butter.

Get it? Easy peasy! SO... for a large group, you could do:

8 eggs -- 2 c milk -- 2 c flour -- 8 dashes salt -- 1 stick butter (which is 8 T)

And now for the instructions. Turn on oven to 425. Put butter in whatever baking/casserole dish size is appropriate for the crowd you're serving. A 6-8 egg recipe could go in a 9x13; a 2 egg recipe in a 1 or 1 1/2 quart Pyrex. Anyway, if the butter is cold, cut it into small pieces so it will melt faster. Put baking dish into oven while it's heating.

Meanwhile, put eggs and salt in a blender and turn on high. After 10 seconds or so, add milk and then flour (gradually) and continue to blend for a few minutes.

Once the butter has melted, take the dish out of the oven and swirl it around to make sure your melted butter covers the bottom and sides as much as possible. Pour batter from the blender right into the hot dish on top of the butter. Don't stir it. Return it to the 425 oven for about 25 minutes. It will be golden and puffed up and cracked and delicious!

I usually just top mine with syrup; homemade jam is good on it too. But probably the best Dutch Baby topping I've ever had is this apple topping. Oh me oh my, that is yummy.

By the way, I have no idea why this is called "Dutch Baby." I just know I love it!


Laurie said...

This looks similar to the Hootenanny aka German pancakes I make. Only my recipe adds some sugar, and has less flour and milk, more butter than your ratios.

We love ours, so I'll have to try yours sometime!

The word verification is "refill." Is it trying to tell me something?

leigh said...

mmmm. we call those german pancakes. ( i think they're the same.) the boys love them. love eating them with melted butter (just a tad) and powdered sugar. YUM.

LilMisfit said...

So I make this all the time, but I have NEVER heard about the blender. I wonder if that makes it better? I just a whisk.

Kristina said...

We had these for dinner tonight. Another hit - even JJ finally gave in and tried it. He loved it.

So you are always asking for other ideas...how about taco soup recipe? although I am looking at your labels, and I think you may have added a few more items since I last looked.

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