Pencil Cake

The first day of school is tomorrow, and we celebrated today with a big fun swim party for all the cousins at my parents' house. My mom asked me to make a pencil cake for the occasion; how fun! She found a couple of ideas online. I followed these instructions, and when you're starting with frozen Sara Lee pound cake it really couldn't have been easier! The pencil cake in the photos looks SO much nicer than mine; oh well.

A couple of notes: next time I would use a Hershey's Kiss for the tip, rather than melted/molded chocolate that turns out to be the same basic shape. Also, I used fondant for the greenish band joining eraser & pencil, since I had fondant on hand. After I'd put it on, I brushed the fondant with some iridescent powder to give it a little shimmer.

This was a fun little project and I would do it again!


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Mary said...

Sara, this is really cute. I think you did a fantastic job with it and I'm sure the children loved it. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

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