A few of my favorite kitchen tools

There are a few special items in my kitchen that I'm so glad I have, because they make things look extra nice without extra effort. My newest "toy" in the kitchen is a Wilton 1M frosting tip. It's one of those big ones that needs a big-sized coupler; I got mine at Michael's. I've had so much fun using it; cupcakes are instantly and easily gorgeous with a quick swirl of frosting from a 1M tip.

Shown below: chocolate cupcakes with this frosting.

When I bought one of these Fluted Pastry Wheels at Williams-Sonoma several years ago, I had no idea I would use it so often. It was well worth the $5 and it makes so many pastry projects look nicer than a straight cut.
Most recently I used it on an apple-blackberry pie that I made for Easter. This picture was from before the pie was baked, so you can see the nice fresh fluted edges of the basket weave. Whenever I make a pie, even if it doesn't have a basket-weave top I use my pastry wheel to cut up the leftover pie dough scraps, to bake with cinnamon & sugar for a fun treat for the kids (and for me). I also use this tool for homemade noodles, and rugelach.

This item is something I'm sure you all have. But when I bought mine (from Pampered Chef several years ago), I honestly thought it would end up at the back of my drawer because I do not make homemade pizza very often. As it's turned out, my pizza cutter is usually at the front of my drawer ~ I use it for all kinds of things, such as these rolls.

Oh! I almost forgot, my pastry blender. I use it for pie crust dough but that isn't very often; I do make biscuits all the time and use it for those too. But do you know what a pastry blender is also SO good for? Dicing your hardboiled eggs to make egg salad sandwiches. It's so fast and easy! When you get a pastry blender, I highly recommend this version (shown) rather than the more flimsy version where it looks like wires attached to the handle instead of a solid piece of metal.

What are some of your favorite kitchen tools?


Tiffany said...

I use our pizza cutter for quesadillas all of the time! And for the occasional Boboli pizza.

I do have this thing from Pampered Chef that holds an onion while you cut it, so your hands wont smell like onion forever, but I always forget to use it. It may a good one.

One of my favorite utensils is from you! The potato masher you gave me is the best!

Mary said...

These are all wonderful kitchen aids. My favorite is my zester. I don't know how I managed with out it. I use it for peel and cheese and occasionally for onions. I obviously love the thing. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

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