Methodist Punch

My Grandma calls it Methodist Punch so that's what I call it too ~ although any demonination will enjoy it :) This recipe makes enough for a big crowd, and since it's frozen you can save the leftovers for later!

1 1/2 qt water
3 c sugar
12 oz can frozen orange juice, thawed
46 oz can of pineapple-grapefruit juice (or plain pineapple juice since hardly any store has pineapple-grapefruit)
-If using pineapple juice, squeeze in the juice of a couple of grapefruits if you have them on hand, or add about a cup of grapefruit juice
4 bananas, mashed
club soda

Mix water & sugar. Add orange juice concentrate, other juices, and bananas. Mixing with a whisk will help the bananas get mixed in well. Pour into containers and freeze. I use gallon-sized ziploc bags; this quantity will fit into 3 or 4 ziplocs. I would recommend freezing it in 3 or 4 batches, whatever the container: freezing it all together will a) take a long time to freeze through, and b) take forever to thaw out!

About an hour before serving, take frozen juice mixture out of the freezer. Use 1 qt of club soda per 2 quarts of juice mixture - not an exact science. What I do is put a ziploc's worth into a punch bowl and pour a quart of club soda over the top of it, helping it to thaw by attacking the frozen punch with a knife if need be. But if you get the punch out of the freezer in time, no knife-attacks will be necessary!

Recipe courtesy of my Grandma P


Kate said...

I never knew this was called Methodist Punch. Funny!

Melanie said...

That sounds a lot like Grandma B's Tasty Punch, too. Is it the same?

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