Zoe & Lucy's 8th birthday cakes

Zoe and Lucy had their birthday party at a fun party place (Amazing Jake's) so there really wasn't a "theme" for me to go by for the cake. The night before, I laid in bed thinking about it and this is roughly what I came up with; I wanted them to be brightly colored and reflect a "fun" mood just like their party would be.

I made plenty of this fondant and colored it in several colors; the bottom layer of the cakes are 8", then 6", then the top little cakes I baked in my 5" rounds but trimmed them down to about 3 1/2". It had been a while since I covered a cake in fondant and it was a lot of fun to make these.

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Team Mama said...

I remember when Zoe and Lucy were born- I was in Activity Days with Nancy Oliver. We helped the girls make dinner for your family and brought it over and they couldn't get enough of the babies! And now they are 8- WOW!!! Isn't it funny the things that stand out in our memories? The cakes are such fun too... I hope that the girls had a wonderful birthday!!!
Robyn Steele

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