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Hello readers! I know I don't have a huge readership here, but I do get comments from time to time from friends who make my recipes and have success with them... in emails, in person, or on facebook. That ALWAYS makes my day and makes me want to post more recipes! I was just curious, what kind(s) of recipes do you like the most? Do you most often look up dinner ideas, dessert ideas, or is there no rhyme or reason? Also, do you have a FAVORITE From the Kitchen of Happy Life recipe? Please, do tell.

I cook almost every single day which means I should really be posting more recipes on here; I will try! Part of the problem is that I often don't measure ingredients, and when something experimental turns out yummy I think "Darn, I wish I'd been paying more attention to how I did that."

Here's a little tip. Last Sunday I intended to make chicken burritos until I realized that I had NO SALSA in the house. What?!? In an effort to keep the Sabbath day holy, I wasn't going to go to the store to fix this problem, but I was bound and determined that we were going to have chicken burritos! So I scoured the pantry & fridge for alternate ingredients. What I ended up with was just as good, or probably even better, than the usual way I make them. I sauteed half an onion (chopped up) in a little oil, along with a small can of diced green chilies. I added shredded canned chicken to that, along with a healthy dash of cumin, and about half a can of enchilada sauce. I think I also put in a little tiny bit of cayenne pepper because it seemed like it needed more heat. The finishing touch (which was such a tasty finishing touch) was some fresh, chopped up cilantro, which I had recently planted outside. If I'd had a can of black beans, I would've added them to the mix. Anyway I let them chicken & etc simmer a little while to thicken the sauce and I served it in tortillas with cheese & sour cream.

Deeelicious! Don't be afraid to experiment; chances are you always have something in your pantry & fridge that you can turn into an interesting meal for your family.

Back to my original question though: please tell me what kind of recipes you like the best, what you would like to see more of on my little site, and if you have a favorite of mine. Thanks! :)


Danika said...

I read this blog! I don't really search for recipes, but if you post one that sounds good, I print it out and try it (like I do with the other recipe blogs I read). I like fast, easy, few ingredient recipes! :) I also love your cake posts, of course! Oh, and I'm getting really into my crockpot, so if you have any good recipes for that, please share! And I will definitely need measurements. I'm not an experimenter in the kitchen! :) Thanks & keep up the great work!

Amy said...

I love your blog. I second what Danika said. I like fast and quick recipes takes less than a dozen ingredients. The more ingredients, the more intimidating the recipe is for me. I don't search for recipes unless there is a specific recipe I need, but rather bookmark a page I like when I read a few blogs and make them within the next few weeks. Thanks for all the hard work you put into this blog!

stephanie said...

I love to bake, so I love dessert recipes.I will always try those. But what I need are dinner recipes. I never know what to make for dinner! Help me, Sara!

I love this blog. Every recipe I've tried has been great. Thanks!

LilMisfit said...

I'm here too! I love what you put on here. I have tried a few things -- mostly desserts. No surprise there!

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