I tweet.

Frequently I'm cooking/baking and I discover some little trick to make something tastier or easier to prepare, and I think "I should do a post about this on my recipe blog." Well my recipe blog is really supposed to be for recipes, and Twitter was MADE for short tips, so it was only a matter of time before I started Tweeting...

Come see at http://twitter.com/saracooksalot and if you have a Twitter account you can "follow" me. If you're not on Twitter, you can just go to that link any time you want and read whatever it is I've been tweeting about. Or, just click on my blog to read twitter updates on the sidebar.

As for the name... my gmail account is saraplayspiano, so in keeping with the tradition of talking about myself in 3rd person present tense, my twitter account is saracooksalot (my first few choices were already taken).

And I do like the little blue birdies.

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Kate said...

I know you're not asking for tips, but check out this one I found the other day. I had never heard of this trick!

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