Summer Sliders

Our dinner tonight:
I was inspired by the Pioneer Woman's post this morning for Mushroom Swiss Sliders with Spciy Fry Sauce. I don't love Swiss cheese, so I used provolone instead. Other minor changes I made to her recipe: I used burgundy cooking wine with the mushrooms instead of white (since that's what I had on hand), and, I didn't measure anything (as usual for me) but I did use all the same ingredients. Adding heavy cream to the ground beef was quite tasty; I hadn't tried that before. One hint: I wasn't watching the sliders when they were finishing up with the cheese, and my cheese melted too much... much of it melted right off. So, don't put the cheese on until the last couple of minutes, and keep an eye on them. But they turned out very delicious; I would make this again for sure!

To make the homemade fries I just cut up potatoes, laid them out on a cookie sheet tossed with a little vegetable oil, salt & pepper, & seasoned salt. Bake them in a very hot oven, 450 degrees is good. Resist the urge to check them very often because you'll let a lot of heat out every time, but they do need to be stirred around & turned over a few times during baking. I let them bake about 45 minutes.

To freshen up the meal we had fresh watermelon and drank cherry limeade. It was so delicious and summery!


leigh said...

uh - yum. why don't you fly over after i have the baby and make some for me :)

Kate said...

this looks SO good. and really not too difficult. i am making them this week.

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