Peppermint white chocolate cake

I made this for dessert for a fun family progressive dinner last night! I got the idea from Leslie, who got the recipe from Jenny. Thanks ladies! You have to click over to Jenny's, if for nothing else to see the pretty picture. She even has super cute recipe cards you can print out (which I did!)

The flavor was very good. I couldn't find enough candy canes to decorate the outside like Jenny did but the starlite peppermints looked cute too.

The cake is basically white cake (from scratch) with peppermint extract & crushed peppermint candies. A very nice flavor but the cake itself was a little too dense and heavy. The recipe calls for separating the eggs; adding the yolks with the other ingredients and then beating the whites separately until stiff and folding in. But the batter is pretty thick and very hard to fold meringue into. If I were to make this again, I would put the eggs in whole and beat it for a long time like a regular cake mix, in hopes of fluffing it up a little.

The frosting has white chocolate in it, and is very yummy.

All in all... it was a success. The flavor is very nice; light and festive and not too rich. But, with the heaviness of the cake itself, I succeeded in feeding a large group since we each had small slices and I have a lot left over!


Jenny said...

Looks great! I also found it heavier than expected but the flavor was really good. I was surprised that I loved the frosting as much as I did since I don't like white chocolate. Thanks for trying and linking me ;o)

Leslie said...

did you have any trouble getting the cakes out of your pans? that was a major issue for us. but it tasted so yummy.

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